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NO_MAPS (2019)


reedición V2 catálogo no_maps / sin planes / 77 págs / spanish-english

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ISBN 978-84-617-8531-5 / 114 págs / spanish

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ISBN 978-84-617-4490-9 / 84 págs / spanish-english

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SIMPLY (a)LIVE (2015)


ISBN 978-84-606-5657-9 / 88 págs / spanish-english

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Previous editions

Alfonso Doncel portfolio

2014 Alfonso Doncel’s porfolio. Edited / printed & digital / by a+i+d, 2014.

Drip’on face portfolio

2014 Drip’on face porfolio. Edited / printed & digital / by a+i+d, 2014.

Milana Bonita catalogue exhibition

2011 Catalogue exhibition Milana Bonita. Edited by Rebross Foundation, Cáceres, Spain.

DOME’UP Catalogue promo

2012 DOME’UP / Catalogue promo + DVD. Edited by: Armonía Events, Badajoz, Spain.

Footprints catalogue

2014 Catalogue Footprints of G. Silveira. Edited by Diputación de Badajoz. DL BA-0065-2014. Badajoz / Spain.

Pablo, yesterday and today

2009 Pablo, yesterday and today. DL BA-381-2009. Edited by: archbishopric of Mérida-Badajoz, Spain.

Landwine, captured nature

2009 Landwine, captured nature. Edited by: a+i+d. ISBN 978-84-613-5194-7. Badajoz / Spain (+ DVD).

Shipwreck, essays on failure

2009 Shipwreck, essays on failure. Edited by: a+i+d. ISBN 978-84-613-2721-8. Badajoz / Spain (+ DVD).

The ring of Schödinger

2007 The ring of Schödinger. Edited by: a+i+d. ISBN 978-84-611-6956-6. Badajoz / Spain (+ DVD).

Artist of the Badajoz old town Catalogue

2008 Catalogue Artists of the Badajoz old town. Edited by: Old town association, Badajoz, Spain.

Shelters book object

2008 Shelters (book object). Edited by a+i+d. ISBN 978-691-0334-0. Badajoz / Spain.

Indicios/Evidences catalogue

2005 Catalogue Indicios/Evidences. DL CC-32-2005. Edited by Architects Association of Extremadura, Cáceres, Spain.

Estampa 06 Catalogue

2006 Catalogue Estampa 06. Edited by Actillibre Foundation. ISBN 84-89050-28-7. Madrid / Spain.

La Raya

2006 La Raya. Edited by Indugrafic, SL. ISBN 84-88956-77-0. Badajoz / Spain (+ DVD).

Iberdrola painting contest Catalogue

2001 Catalogue 10th Painting Contest Iberdrola UEx. Edited by University of Extremadura. DL BA-646-2001, Badajoz, Spain.

Hipótesis de Veratis Catalogue

2001 Catalogue Hipótesis de Veratis. DL BA-581-2001. Edited by A Doncel / Printed by Artegraf, Badajoz, Spain.

Iberdrola-UEx catalogue

2002 Catalogue of the gallery of Iberdrola-UEx. Edited by: University of Extremadura, Spain.